Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas slide card

# 69 I had fun making this card. I worked with the front of the card and only added it to the white base card at the very end.

I used most of one of Penny Black's stamps for this. I stamped it twice and used the bear and bottom of the snowman from one stamped image and the two hedgehogs and top of snowman from the second stamped image. I left off the mouse at the end of the stamp so the hedgehogs would have room to move.

I started with a dark blue mat and added white "snow". I then used 3 D tape to add the bear and the bottom of the snowman.

I measured where I wanted the slit, first cuts were with a craft knife and then I made it larger with scissors. I made a strong pull by doubling the cardstock. I added a button to the end of the pull and a button to the back of the larger hedgehog. I then glued those together, with the hedgehogs on the outside and the pull on the inside.

Last thing I did was to glue the mat to the base card, being careful to leave the pull free.

You could use different colors and make this a winter birthday card. Either way, birthday or Christmas, you could add a sentiment to the pull tab--where it only shows when you pull it out.

Hope this is clear enough to follow, if you would like to make one. If you have questions, you could email me at:

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